Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes Against
Original Tribe Merged Tribe
Arokha Villains 1st Voted Out, 20th Place 7
Brindle Heroes 2nd Voted Out, 19th Place(1) 7
Mayfield Villains 3rd Voted Out, 18th Place 7
Ryn Villains 4th Voted Out, 17th Place(2) 4
Arsenal Villains 5th Voted Out, 16th Place 7
Ty Villains 6th Voted Out, 15th Place 4
Zordak Heroes 7th Voted Out, 14th Place 5
Chi Heroes 8th Voted Out, 13th Place(3) 13
Musu Villains 9th Voted Out, 12th Place, 1st Jury Member 4
Melynx Villains 10th Voted Out, 11th Place, 2nd Jury Member 5
Mir Villains Yin Yang 11th Voted Out, 10th Place, 3rd Jury Member(4) 7
Kitami Villains Yin Yang 12th Voted Out, 9th Place, 4th Jury Member 11
Celine Heroes Yin Yang 13th Voted Out, 8th Place, 5th Jury Member 7
Beau Heroes Yin Yang 14th Voted Out, 7th Place, 6th Jury Member 5
Vindii Villains Yin Yang 15th Voted Out, 6th Place, 7th Jury Member 10
Triad Heroes Yin Yang 16th Voted Out, 5th Place, 8th Jury Member(5) 7
Steph Heroes Yin Yang 17th Voted Out, 4th Place, 9th Jury Member 3
Dustin Heroes Yin Yang Second Runner-Up 2
Jinx Heroes Yin Yang Runner-Up 1
Imogene Heroes Yin Yang Winner 2

(1): There was a 5-5 vote tie between Chi and Brindle, the tribe revoted and Brindle received 6 votes, enough to eliminate him.

(2): Vindii played an idol negating 4 votes against her, 3 votes were left and all were directed towards Ryn, eliminating Ryn.

(3): There was a 4-4 vote between Imogene and Chi, in the revote Chi received 5 votes and Imogene received 1.

(4): Kitami and Dustin both played immunity idols, Kitami negated 1 vote and Dustin negated 2, but neither votes had an impact, as Mir received the majority of votes at 4.

(5): Imogene played an immunity negating 1 vote against her, this did effectively nothing as 3 votes were cast towards Triad instead.

Challenge Eliminated
Reward Immunity
Heroes Heroes Arokha
Villains Brindle
Heroes Mayfield
Villains Heroes Ryn
Heroes Heroes Arsenal
Villains Steph and Mir Ty
Heroes Villains Chi
Villains Heroes Musu
Villains Heroes Melynx
None Triad Mir
Kitami, Beau, Jinx Steph Kitami
None Triad Celine
None Dustin Beau
Imogene, Jinx, Dustin Jinx Vindii
None Steph Triad
None Imogene Steph
Reunion Show Dustin, Jinx, Imogene(2)

(1): There was only one individual immunity necklace for one member of each tribe, Steph and Mir won the challenge.

(2): Dustin received no votes, Jinx received one, and Imogene received 8.

Contestant Award Amount
Steph Total Wins 3
Imogene Reward Wins 2
Steph Immunity Wins 3
Melynx Fan Favorite

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