Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes Again
Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe
Kytheraen To Tang 1st Voted Out, 18th Place 3
Cocoa Chan Loh 2nd Voted Out, 17th Place 5
Momo Gondol 3rd Voted Out, 16th Place 5
Swift Gondol 4th Voted Out, 15th Place 2
F.L. Chan Loh 5th Voted Out, 14th Place 1
Storm Chan Loh Gondol 6th Voted Out, 13th Place 4
Schmoll To Tang Gondol (1) 7th Voted Out, 12th Place 4
Jakie Gondol Chan Loh Dara 8th Voted Out, 11th Place, 1st Jury Member 4
Vid Gondol Chan Loh Dara 9th Voted Out, 10th Place, 2nd Jury Member 7
Dei To Tang Gondol Dara Evacuated, 3rd Jury Member, 9th Place 2
Pow To Tang Chan Loh Dara 10th Voted Out, 4th Jury Member, 8th Place 7
Arsenal To Tang Chan Loh Dara 11th Voted Out, 5th Jury Member(2), 7th Place 12
Key Gondol Gondol Dara 12th Voted Out, 5th Jury Member, 6th Place 6
Aki Chan Loh Chan Loh Dara 13th Voted Out, 6th Jury Member, 5th Place 3
Aelwyn Chan Loh Chan Loh Dara 14th Voted Out, 7th Jury Member, 4th Place 3
Suke To Tang Gondol Dara Second Runner-Up 0
Ty Gondol Gondol Dara Runner-Up 7
Ahro Chan Loh Gondol Dara Winner 1

(1): Schmoll did not draw a buff and was placed in exile, after the reward challenge, he was assigned to the losing team.

(2): Arsenal's vote was removed by Ty after he won the reward challenge at the final three to remove one juror.

Challange Eliminated
Immunity Reward
Chan Loh Kytheraen
Gondol Cocoa
To Tang
To Tang Momo
Chan Loh
Gondol To Tang Swift
Chan Loh Gondol
Gondol None F.L.
To Tang
Chan Loh None Storm
Chan Loh Chan Loh Schmoll
Pow None Jakie
Pow Vid, Key, Arsenal, Ahro, Dei Vid
Pow Aelwyn, Aki, Ahro, Ty Dei
Arsenal Arsenal, Suke, Ty Pow
Ty Suke, Ahro, Aelwyn Arsenal
Aelwyn Key, Aki, Ahro Key
Suke Ty, Ahro, Suke Aki
Suke Suke Aelywn
None Ty None

Contestant Award Amount
Suke Total Wins 4
Suke Reward Wins 2
Pow Immunity Wins 3
Key Fan Favorite

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