Contestant Tribe Affiliation Finish Votes Against
Original Tribe Dissolved Tribe Merged Tribe
Karabela Tandang Eliminated(1), 18th Place 0
Tekh Matsing 1st Voted Out, 17th Place 4
Finn Tandang 2nd Voted Out, 16th Place 6
Laina Matsing 3rd Voted Out, 15th Place(2) 2
Castelia Kalabaw Kalabaw 4th Voted Out, 14th Place(3) 4
Frostbite Tandang Kalabaw Eliminated, 13th Place(4) 0
Mys Matsing Matsing 5th Voted Out, 12th Place 4
Levi Kalabaw Kalabaw Dangrayne 6th Voted Out, 11th place(5), 1st Jury Member 11
Jake Kalabaw Kalabaw Dangrayne 7th Voted Out, 10th Place(6), 2nd Jury Member 3
Monado Tandang Matsing Dangrayne 8th Voted Out, 9th Place, 3rd Jury Member 10
Perizada Kalabaw Kalabaw Dangrayne 9th Voted Out, 8th Place, 4th Jury Member 4
Azeena Matsing Matsing Dangrayne 10th Voted Out, 7th Place, 5th Jury Member 11
Rikev Kalabaw Kalabaw Dangrayne 11th Voted Out, 6th Place(7), 6th Jury Member 9
Oak Matsing Matsing Dangrayne Medically Evacuated(8), 7th Jury Member 1
Melly Kalabaw Kalabaw Dangrayne 12th Voted Out, 4th Place, 8th Jury Member 14
Kiss Tandang Matsing Dangrayne Second Runner-Up 0
Mania Tandang Matsing Dangrayne Runner-Up 0
Mitzie Matsing Matsing Dangrayne Winner(9) 1

(1): Initially there was a 3-3 vote tie between Monado and Finn, there was a 2-2 vote between Monado and Finn at the revote, all players locked in their votes and went to a rock draw, Karabela drew the purple rock and was eliminated from the game in possesion of a hidden immunity idol.

(2): The intial vote was 2-2-1, 2 votes Azeena, 2 votes Laina, 1 vote Oak. Those three did not vote, and in the revote Laina was eliminated in a 2-1 vote.

(3): The initial vote was 3-3-1, 3 votes Castelia, 3 votes Levi, 1 vote Perizada. Levi and Castelia did not vote in the revote, and in the formerly stated, Levi received 2 votes and Castelia received 3, eliminating Castelia.

(4): The initial vote was a 3-3 vote between Levi and Melly, those two were not able to vote and in the revote it was 2-2, all players stayed locked in and went to a rock draw. In the rock draw, Frostbite drew the purple rock and was eliminated from the game.

(5): 6 votes were cast towards Jake, but he played an immunity idol, negating all of them. 5 votes were cast towards Levi, enough to eliminate him.

(6): Mitzie played an immunity idol negating 7 votes cast towards, 3 votes were cast towards Jake, eliminating him from the game.

(7): There was a 3-3 Vote between Melly and Rikev, both were not able to vote, in the revote, Rikev received 3 votes, eliminating him from the game.

(8): Oak was medically evacuated from the game, so there was no tribal council that night.

(9): There was a 4-4 vote between Mania and Mitzie, there was still a tie after the revote, Mitzie won the tie-breaker and won the game.

Challenges Eliminated
Reward Immunity
Matsing Karabela
Tandang Tekh
Matsing Finn
Kalabaw Laina
Kalabaw Matsing Castelia
Kalabaw Matsing Frostbite
Kalabaw Kalabaw Mys
None Rikev Levi
Oak, Mania, Jake, Perizada, Melly Perizada Jake
Mania, Kiss, Rikev, Perizada Mitzie Monado
Melly, Kiss, Oak, Mitzie Mitzie Perizada
Survivor Auction Melly Azeena
Mania,(1) Melly, Mitzie Mitzie Rikev
Mitzie,(2) Kiss, Melly Mitzie Oak
Kiss Kiss Melly
Reunion Show / Jury Vote Kiss

(1):  Mania won the reward challenge and brought Melly and Mitzie with him.

(2):  Mitzie won the challenge and brought Kiss and Melly with him.

Contestant Award Amount
Mitzie Total Wins 6
Mitzie Mania Reward Wins 2
Mitzie Immunity 4
Mania Most Strategic
Oak Fan Favorite

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